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About Us

Hello! My name is David Jenkins. My wife Amanda and I are the owners of Liberty Drain Co. Many people have asked us, what made you decide to start your own drain and sewer cleaning & repair business? It is an interesting story to be honest with you. I originally started working as a fitness trainer for Bally’s Total Fitness and because one of their youngest general managers ever. I then moved over to working as a manager of L.A. Fitness. I really enjoyed the job and the people, but I really desired to do something where I wasn’t cooped up inside all day, every day.

One day a friend of mine, who worked in the plumbing industry, asked me if I wanted to do a ride-along with him to check out what he did day to day. That day changed my life. I’ll not forget that day for the rest of my life as it was the day I feel like I found my calling. You see, our first call was for someone who desperately needed help repairing a plumbing issue they had. When we arrived, I could see how distraught and worried they were, how much this issue impacted their life. Together, we were able to fix their issue, then I saw how happy and thankful they were that the issue had been repaired. It was that feeling of helping others that made me decide to switch careers and get into the plumbing business. I have proudly worked in the industry for over 15 years, honing my skills, learning the trade and then Amanda and I decided it was time to start our own business so we could help others in need.

I have truly found my perfect job in that I get to meet and help different people each and every day. I no longer have to be confined to the four walls of a gym. I feel fortunate that with each call we get, I get to see another amazing area of our beautiful state. The true reward, again, is that I get to help people in need.

I couldn’t have done it without the support of my amazing wife, my father who is my hero, and our Staffordshire Terrier Lucy, who to be honest with you is such a lap dog she’s more like a cat.

As for what happens when we’re not out helping people with their plumbing issues, you can often find Amanda and I kayaking, biking, snowboarding, boating, walking along the beach, or heading to Northern Idaho to soak in some nature. We LOVE football and are both avid Green Bay Packers fans.

So if you’re ever in need for someone to help with your drain or sewer needs, be sure to give Liberty Drain Co a call. We pride ourselves on being honest, ethical, on-time, and completely transparent with everything we recommend and do. I’d love the opportunity to help you in the future.

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Liberty Drain Co has the technology and experience to solve any drain issues you’re having. You can count on us to fix the problem correctly, the first time. We’ll arrive in a fully stocked truck where a trained technician will fully inspect and assess your issue before attempting to fix it. You can count on Liberty Drain Co to deliver nothing short of outstanding service as we return your home back to normal.

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