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Identifying and Fixing Drain Issues Caused by Tree and Plant Roots

Tree roots can clog drainage systems and cause costly problems that may only be remediated by manual excavation, drain relining, or drain relining.

Therefore, prior to purchasing a property, most surveyors recommend that a drain specialist inspect your drainage system and alert you to any red flags, such as drain pipes near trees, shrubs and hedges.

How Do Tree Roots Get Into Your Drains?

The tree roots can enter the drain system through pipe joints, fractures, cracks and through the walls and the benching of the inspection chambers. Many drainage systems in the United States are constructed from cast iron or PVC, which offers little resistance to the fine roots of trees that penetrate the pipes and grow into tap roots and root masses that eventually reduce the pipe’s bore.

Despite the use of rubber-sealed couplings and PVC piping, a root ingress is still possible in more modern systems. Many of these systems do not have root barriers or are not surrounded by concrete, which, since modern systems are supposed to be flexible, is generally discouraged.

How To Repair Root Damaged Drains?

Our Liberty Drain Co team has a variety of methods that we can use to clear drains of root growth. The root system can be cut in many cases and relined if the roots have accessed it through the joints and there has not been any serious displacement of the joints. An excavation may be necessary if the joints have been severely displaced or if severe fractures have occurred. Domestic systems have a significant amount of bends and junctions that are over quite short distances, so a combination of both methods is usually required.

Why Do Tree Roots Enter Your Drains?

A tree gets its roots into drains because of condensation on the pipe exterior, or leaky drain joints attract tree roots looking for nutrients, but I prefer to tell customers that the trees find the drains because they hear the water running inside. Just kidding.

As root systems find it easier to travel along disturbed soil that is excavated for drains, services, and house foundations than on adjacent virgin soil, the same is true for driveway and patio sub-bases made of granular or porous materials.

We can see roots flowing from the wall of an original trench down to the drainage system when we excavate a damaged root system, even at two or three feet deep. If this is the case, you will then find a single large root running the length of the drain, with smaller roots branching out at different places.

Are You Insured For Tree Root Damage To Drains?

It is a good idea to have tree root damage coverage, most major insurance providers will cover it, though some policies may not. The risk of tree roots infiltrating drains has always been insured, however, it appears that several insurance companies have taken it upon themselves to deny some tree root drainage claims during the recent recession.

Do you Have a Problem with Tree Roots in Drains?

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