Sewer Repair

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Sewer Repair

Sewer Line Inspection and Repair

Thanks to updated technology, sewer inspections and repairs are nowhere as difficult as they once were. Newer technology allows us to not only inspect sewer issues without the need for digging, but often times we can repair or even replace sewer systems without having to do so. Below is some information regarding what you should know about sewer inspection and repair.


These days a sewer inspection is a very simple process. In the past, the entire area had to be dug up to see which part was causing the problem, but now we have video camera which can be slid into the pipe. This camera can give a clear picture of what the issue is inside the pipe and what needs to be repaired. You can assess the type of damage and the severity of the damage such as cracks may have formed due to root penetration, old material may be damaged, or the pipe may simply be clogged.

This video technology is ideal for the average homeowner who may not be a plumbing or sewer expert. This allows them to fully understand what’s happened and what may be causing their issue. It can also help prevent unethical plumbing companies from overcharging for repairs not needed. With a video inspection, your experienced plumbing technician will be able to show you the issue and offer solutions to help remedy the situation.

Video cameras may also be used after repairs to determine which areas have been repaired and whether work has been done properly. For example, if the pipe has been relined, the video inspection can determine whether the new lining has been properly installed and has hardened against the existing pipe.


A solution where digging isn’t needed, has made sewer repairs much less stressful for homeowners. Massive excavation work no longer has to be done to remove and replace sewer pipes, as trenchless technology allows all of this work to be carried out underground.

Pipe linings are a popular way to repair pipes without completely replacing them. The pipe is completely cleaned – perhaps with a hydro jet, then a new pipe is installed inside the old one. This new pipe will harden and prevent waste leakage, and because of the strong resin material, will reduce the chances of tree roots penetrating the pipe. Cure in place lining is a great way to repair pipes when there are minor cracks. This involves digging a small trench to expose the cracked area before liner is installed into the existing sewer and allowed to harden.

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